Journey of exploration, awakening the senses to observe and discover the world around us as well as our own selves, practicing self-reflection, personality assessment, energy absorption, and stimulating and developing creativity/direction of each individual.

Contemporary art plays an increasingly important role as a versatile language of dialogue capable of addressing issues of time, space, contemporaneity, multilingualism, crossing biological borders, explaining complex psychology, biological and geographical conflicts… Awakening the senses through practicing contemporary art has the ability to open windows looking from the interior, carrying both consciousness and subconsciousness, thus looking inward, connecting with the deep layers of the inner world.

Tầm Tã Art Practice Course opens the door to explore different languages and forms of creativity, from painting, moving images to performance through open dialogue, practice, and field surveys. This process will bring deeper experiences and insights into the external world and inner consciousness, helping to rediscover the material and complex relationships between consciousness and subconsciousness, between humans and the environment, between Form, Sound, Speed, and Flow…

Tầm Tã Art Practice Course is organized by APD Center once a year. The program is designed and led by Curator Trần Lương, with content and instructional forms that are always dynamic, flexible, and diverse in each course – based on exploration, research, and understanding the needs of participants.

The program consists of 12 sessions, open to participants aged 16 and above from all professions/fields, anyone who is interested in and wants to explore and learn about contemporary art through open discussions/dialogue, practice, and real-life experiences.

TẦM TÃ 2022

TẦM TÃ 2021