The older the art information is, the more it is covered with layers of mildew, which is true of nature and not entirely a negative phenomenon. Each layer reflects a way of looking at the past of different generations, periods, classes, and professions. So, all the original information, with the subsequent layers, is necessary and valuable for researchers and next generations to dissect, discover and utilize,” said curator Tran Luong. 

Despite more than 25 years of development, Vietnamese Contemporary Art still leaves “layers” of essential and valuable information that have not been recognized and need to be revealed  with authenticity. By providing gradually and systematically more art resources, APD’s library aspires to restore and archive art information to foster research, education, and development of Contemporary Art in Vietnam. 


The library’s archives will focus on Vietnamese Contemporary Art projects, events, and research, in which artworks are placed at the center and introduced with the background information. In other words, we do not collect documents in isolation but consider their contemporary context of nature, environment and its connection to Vietnamese history and society.


Initially, the APD’s library focuses on the closest and most feasible resources to grow and expand gradually. These documents can be divided into two groups:

  • Group 1: In-depth and professional resources for experts, researchers, curators, and artists.
  • Group 2: General resources for the interested audience and the public.

Resources are selected and introduced through 3 main activities:

Online Resources: A website providing the public with easy and free access to a vast range of digital documents and resources contributed by artists, curators, and organizations from inside and outside APD networks; Documents from individual curating and co-curating practice of Tran Luong; Links to archives of local and international organizations, groups and individuals.

On-site reading: A reading room which encompasses catalogs from local, regional and international exhibitions; A wide variety of books on various art domains such as painting, sculpture, performance, installation, photography, architecture, curating, art theory and history; Videos resources. Audience can book an appointment to visit and access these resources in our reading room..

Event program: Various community activities including talks, workshops, discussions, and field trips related to the APD library’s document packages; Guest speakers are established artists, collectors, researchers, experts, organizers from cultural institutes and arts support agencies. 

APD calls for support and cooperation from local to international artists, curators, organizers, collectives, art spaces and cultural institutes. We are also committed to sharing and cooperating with partners concerning the core values of treating art resources with authenticity and social influence, bringing energy and utilities to a myriad of art lovers and practice communities.