In the overall context of global political, technological, and social development, the role of art and culture becomes more and more important and ‘multirole’ in different fields: A derivative, or a psychological – biological – chemical – physical laboratory for science and technology; A ‘smokeless industry’ increasingly generating great economic profits, with the mission of educating, developing thinking, encouraging creativity, maintaining and developing values of morals, equality and responsibility; A humane soft power adjusting and counterbalancing the trends of profit-making and power pursuit in economy and politics; The most diverse and transcendent creative environment, creating values ​​beyond the finite material benefits; The highest certificate of civilization of a historical period, a people or a nation.

APD aims to respect all things in nature, with an independent perspective from the drive towards pragmatism and arbitrariness, encouraging equality among all relationships.

APD’s activities focus on training, mentoring – orientation, providing information, media, and technology support for artists and art practitioners, connecting them with professional partners to open up opportunities for interactive and creative group works, thus helping to improve creativity. APD aims to create more bridges between culture and art, art creators in general with the art-loving public, interdisciplinary researchers, collectors, enterprises, agencies and organizations for humanity, social development, ecological and environmental protection, etc. , building a collaborative network to promote the domestic art market. APD also focuses on in-depth research and dialogue activities in order to provide scientific and objective analysis and forecasts of the developments of art, providing quality information in a timely manner for the arts and culture sectors to have new perspectives.