During its operation, APD has produced and collected a significant amount of art materials, which are archived and made available to the public at no cost via APD’s online platforms and onsite library at APD center. Material owner(s) (which may include APD or our partners who provide/contribute materials to this library, such as individuals, groups of artists, and organizations in the field of art and culture) retain their copyright and associated responsibilities related to the copyright of information and materials.

Copyright and related rights are recognized and protected in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law 2005, as well as the Law amending and supplementing several articles of the Intellectual Property Law 2009, or any other applicable copyright laws of other countries. These rights allow the owner(s) to license and restrict access to the work, as well as the right to format the work across media, including digitization. When APD makes information and materials available to the public, it is obligated to comply with the provisions of relevant copyright laws.

All Contents presented on this website have been authorized by the copyright owner(s) to ensure that their use is in compliance with applicable copyright laws. In cases where APD owns the copyright to products created and produced by APD, APD will ensure the material is made available to the public by the most open license as reasonably possible. Where the rights are retained by APD and any third party, APD takes responsibility to ensure that the use of the materials is authorized or permitted by the third party and the relevant copyright owner(s) before sharing them with the public. To guarantee these commitments, we adhere to the rules of the Creative Commons license system for all information and data used and disclosed by APD.

APD is committed to upholding copyright laws and does not knowingly provide, modify, or allow unauthorized access to the information and materials in our library without the permission of the copyright owner(s).

Requests for accessing and utilizing information and materials from a third party beyond the jurisdiction of APD shall be redirected to the respective copyright owner(s).

In the case of a valid copyright claim, APD will temporarily suspend the access link to the digital format of the concerned data on the website apd.org.vn, pending resolution of the claim. Upon satisfactory resolution of the complaint, APD will endeavor to either make the materials publicly accessible or restrict access as required. If the complaint is found to be unsatisfactory, APD will resume access to the data on the APD Center’s website.

For any inquiries, questions regarding usage, or copyright claims associated with the information and materials published on APD’s Library, please contact info@apd.org.vn.