APD Center (Center for Art Patronage and Development) is a non-profit, established with the goal of supporting artistic creation and promoting socio-cultural development. APD’s activities focus on training, mentoring – orientation, providing information, media and technology for artists and art practitioners, connecting them with professional partners to open up opportunities for interactive and creative group works, thus helping to improve creativity. In addition, APD aims to create more bridges between culture and art, art creators in general with the art-loving public, interdisciplinary researchers, collectors, enterprises, agencies and organizations for humanity, social development, ecological and environmental protection, etc., building a collaborative network to promote the domestic art market.

To maintain and develop APD’s activities (artists and curators’ support programs, community events, research, archives, library projects, etc.), we are very grateful and appreciate the support from the community and friends of the arts.

There are many ways to support our activities — no matter the field you are from and whether you are an individual, an organization, a corporation, or somewhere in between. For all support and contributions to the center, please contact us for details via email info@apd.org.vn.